Eurorando 2021-22

Eurorando 2021-22 will take place between Eurorando 2021 and Eurorando 2022.

Eurorando 2021 takes place in Sibiu, Romania 26. September – 3. October 2021. Read more here.

Eurorando 2022 takes place in Sibiu, Romania 11 – 18 September 2022. Read more here.

Eurorando 2021-22 is walking in your own countries from october 2021 to september 2022, where you can arrange walks and guided tours under the motto FRIENDSHIP.

Eurorando 2021-21 is a good way to rebuild your crossborder friendships after the Covid19 pandemic and before we meet in Sibiu in September 2022.

When you arrange a walk in that period, you are encouraged to upload pictures, small stories and videos on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #eurorando and #friendship. When you do that, others may find your uploaded stories and can enjoy them.

You may always search for the two hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to see these stories.