E2-trailhead(-s) in the British Isles ?

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      Boudewijn Blom-Hertbeek

      Dear board members,

      Since I am gradually approaching the Northern end of E2 (I will be going northbound from Leicestershire in a few weeks time) the question put forward in the topic title becomes more acute. Information issued by the ERA concerning this topic is conflicting, when one compares one source to another. Some state that Stranraer is the end, others that there would be an extension unto Galway in Ireland. Inverness in Northern Scotland is also mentioned as a trailhead. So what is the actual state regarding this issue ? And what are future projects, if there are any ?
      A comparable degree of uncertainness is clouding the Western trailhead of E8: is it Dursey Island or is it Valentia Island ?
      In all these discussions it is of course not very helpful that E2 and E8 are only virtually existing since there are no markers along the supposed trails, for as much as I have followed them (E8 completely from Valentia Island via Holyhead to Hull, E2 east branch from Harwich to Leicestershire). With an eye on the latest political developments it wouldn’t be surprising if this will never be put to execution.

      Kind regards,

      Boudewijn Blom-Hertbeek

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      Hi Boudewijn
      Many good questions which cannot be answered properly yet, as the new ERA working group is still working to find member from UK to assist in verifying the data of E2 and E8.
      Furthermore we will also look into the plans of the two routes as soon as possible.
      When we know more, I will come back here.

      Best regards

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