Updated: 26-5-2023

A region/organisation (tourist board, nature reserve, walking association, etc.) interested in obtaining the certificate “Leading Day Walk – Best of Europe” for marketing purposes contacts the European Ramblers Association (hereafter: ERA) to start the Quality assurance process.

ERA course

ERA offers a regional standard European training course for national experts and local trail scouts, who can gather the necessary data for the trail inventory. The local interest groups involved in walking tourism (walking groups/associations, nature reserves, tourism, forestry, etc.) are requested to nominate up to minimum 8 and maximum 12 suitable and competent people for the training to become a local trail scout.

The cost of providing the standard European training course is the actual costs of two trainers + 50%, (excl. VAT).


In general, trails with a length of 4 to 25 km can be submitted for certification. The cost of the certification procedure depends on the length of the day walk/trail:

4 to 7 km                     = 1.090 € (applies to family fun/comfort hiking from 2 km)
8 to 11 km                  = 1.190 €
12 to 15 km                = 1.290 €
16 to 20 km                = 1.390 €
21 to 25 km                = 1.540 €

All prices are excl. VAT and actual costs.

Costs for the first certified trails can be to a reduced price.


ERA Secretariat, see contact details at the bottom of this page.