There is a network of long distance footpaths, covering the whole country. In total about 7.800 km white-redmarked trails exist. Parts of these are extensions of the border-crossing GR 5 and GR 12 and GR 14 (see France). They are also sections of the E-paths E2 and E3. Many local footpaths also exist.

Guidebooks (topogidsen in Flemish and topoguides in French) exist and can be ordered from Grote Routepaden and Sentiers de Grande Randonnée (S.G.R.) which are responsible for the footpaths in Flanders and Wallonia respectively. You can also write or call to Grote Routepaden or Sentiers de Grande Randonnée (S.G.R.) in English, French and German for information.

A leaflet “Wandelen in Belgie” gives an overview of the different long distance footpaths in the country and is free of charge.

The walking magazine “Op Weg” published in dutch by the Grote Routepaden (every two months) and the walking magazine “GR Sentiers” published in French by Les Sentiers de grande randonnée (every three months) are very good sources of information about walks in Belgium as well as in different European countries.

Maps are inserted in most of the guidebooks. Hiking maps exist at scales of 1:50 000 and 1:20 000. By surfing on the websites of both associations you will able to become a member (service of the periodical is included) and to order guidebooks from Grote Routepade ( – in dutch – and Les Sentiers de grande randonnée ( – in french.Grasmarkt 61, 1000 Brussel

ERA member:

Grote Routepaden
(seat: Grasmarkt 61, B-1000 Brussel)
Beatrijslaan 72
B-2050 Antwerpen
T: + 32 (0) 3 232 72 18
F: + 32 (0) 3 231 81 26

Sentiers de Grande Randonnée
Mundo Namur
Rue Nanon, 98
B-5000 Namur
T: +32 81 39 06 15