E1 in Italy


E1 passes through these regions:
E-1 in Lombardy 201,5 km
E-1 in Piedmont 96 km
E-1 in Liguria 146  km
E-1 in Tuscany 402 km
E-1 in Umbria
E-1 in Northern Lazio 173 km
E-1 in Abruzzo 110 km
E-1 in Southern Lazio 189.2 km
E-1 in Molise 131,3 km
E-1 in Campania Northern Stretch 177,5 km
E-1 in Campania Middle Stretch 196 km
E-1 in Campania Southern Stretch 222,5 km
E-1 in Basilicata
E-1 in Calabria
E-1 in Sicily

Starting Point

Porto Ceresio on Lake Lugano – Lombardy

End Point

Capo Passero – Syracuse – Sicily


total length in Italy to be issued later