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Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe – abbreviated as LQT-BE – are walking trails of the highest quality and are the best in Europe.

The LQT-BE are evaluated and certified by experienced hikers from European Ramblers Association and their member organisations, supported by Deutsche Wanderverband Service.

If you choose a LQT-BE, you can be sure that you will:

  • walk along the best hikes in Europe,
  • walk along natural paths,
  • see impressive landscapes,
  • pass through picturesque towns,
  • pass cultural sights,
  • do not get lost on the trail because there is hiker friendly marking and distinct signposting,
  • have continous accessabilty to the trail,
  • can plan your walk from home into details …

The LQT-BE consist of 3 variants:

Find them here: