E10 in Germany


The E10 crosses the eastern part of Germany from north to south. From its scenic start on Germany’s largest island Rügen to its end by the Zittau mountains, it passes some of Germany’s least populated landscapes like Mecklenburg and Lusatia as well as the outskirts of Germany’s capital Berlin. A small part of the Austrian E10 section runs through the German Alps.

World heritages/cultural sites: Hanseatic city of Stralsund, Palace and parks of Sanssouci in Potsdam, Muskau Park

Nature reserves: Spreewald, National Park Berchtesgaden

Starting Point

Cape Arkona (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Baltic Sea) / Stöhrhaus (Bavaria, border to Austria)

End Point

Seifhennersdorf (Saxony, border to Czech Republic) / Kärlingerhaus (Bavaria, border to Austria)

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through?

Cape ArkonaBergen auf RügenStralsundGüstrowMalchowRöbel/Müritz – (Western section: RheinsbergNeuruppin) – (Eastern section: Fürstenberg/HavelZehdenickOranienburgHennigsdorf) – WustermarkWerder (Havel)PotsdamTrebbinZossenLübben (Spreewald)Lübbenau/SpreewaldCottbusSprembergWeißwasser/O.L.NieskyLöbauSeifhennersdorf


1.063 km

Ground paths of E-Path

Name: Moränenweg
Start: Cape Arkona
End: Strasen
Marking: white-blue-white (no marking yet between Stralsund and Reimershagen)
Responsible: Wanderverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

Name: Europäischer Fernwanderweg E10
Start: Strasen
End: Seifhennersdorf
Marking: white-blue-white
Responsible: Local authorities

Name: Rupertiweg 10
Start: Stöhrhaus
End: Kärlingerhaus
Marking: red-white-red
Responsible: OeAV-Sektion Weitwanderer


4000km Hauptwanderwege der DDR, VEB Bibliographisches Institut, 1960


Kompass has several maps that cover the route

Crossing with another E-Path

E9 (coastal variant) in Stralsund, E9a (inland variant) in Reimershagen, E11 in Potsdam


Accommodations, supermarkets and train or bus stations can mostly be found within a day’s distance


No specific gear required except for the Bavarian section which reaches 2000 meters altitude.


Route description of Heinz Jürgen Schymura

Moränenweg from Cape Arkona to Stralsund

Rupertiweg at Österreichischer Alpenverein

Daniel Seekamp