E12 in Italy

E12 is a work in progress and the trail markings are not yet finished.

Read more here on FIEs website. (use Google Crome for translation)


Certain markup sections have been created especially in the area concerning Etna, from the “Rocche di Argimusco” to the “Piano dei Grilli” refuge.

For the section from “Piano dei Grilli” to “Capo Passero”, the southernmost point of the E12, a feasibility study was carried out on the route but unfortunately there is still no marking.
In general, there are no official papers for the entire section because that the works are carried out by volunteers and that there are, at the time, no economic resources to support the works which must be carried out to complete the work necessary to make the E12 in Sicily truly “walkable”.
For more information on the “Rocche di Argimusco” – “Piano dei Grilli” refuge section, please contact:

for the “Rocche di Argimusco” section, the association “Sicily green sport” at the email address infosegreteriasgs@gmail.com

for the section “Rifugio Piano dei Grilli”, the Association “Etna and its surroundings” at the email address info@etnaedintorni.it