E2 in Luxembourg


Entering the north of Luxembourg at the border triangle in Ouren, where Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium have a common border, the E2 then leads the hiker along the border between Luxembourg and Germany, letting you discover the eastern part of the country.

The E2 first passes through the beautiful landscapes of the wild Our valley in the Éislek Region, 1st Quality Region-Best of Europe certified by European Rablers Association, then goes along spectacular castles like in Vianden and Beaufort, leads you through the rocks of the Mullerthal Region in Bedorf and the Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark, lets you discover the oldest city in Luxemburg – Echternach – and follows the Sauer and Moselle valleys whit its vineyards, to end up in Schengen – where European history has been written.

Starting Point

Border triangle Ouren (LU-BE-DE)

End Point

Schengen (border triangle LU-DE-FR)

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through

Rodershausen, (joins E3) Obereisenbach, Wahlhausen, Stolzembourg, Vianden, Bettel, Longsdorf, Gilsdorf, Eppeldorf, Beaufort, Berdorf, Echternach (oldest city of Luxembourg), Rosport, Moersdorf, Wasserbillig, Grevenmacher, Machtum, Ahn, Wormeldange, Ehnen, Greiveldange, Stadtbredimus, Remich, Bech-Kleinmacher, Remerschen, Schengen


175 km

Ground path of the E-path

Sentier de l’ Our, Sentier Maurice Cosyn, Sentier de la Basse Sûre, Sentier de la Moselle.

Certified hiking paths that you will partially walk on: Premium Weg-Nat’Our Route 2, Premium Weg-Nat’Our Route 4, Mullerthal Trail, Premium Wege Felsenweg 1, 2 & 3, Premium Weg Dream loop Manternacher Fiels, Premium Weg Dream loop Wine and Nature path Palmberg Ahn, Premium Weg Dream loop Schengen without borders

Responsible organisation

Ministère de l’Economie, Direction Générale du Tourisme


http://g-o.lu/3/J721 (Geoportail_Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie)

Marking system

Please follow the blue-yellow markings of the national hiking paths Sentier de l’ Our, Sentier Maurice Cosyn, Sentier de la Basse Sûre, Sentier de la Moselle.

Crossing other E-paths

Crossing E2/ E3: in the Éislek Region, between Rodershausen and Obereisenbach. From here on, the paths E2 and E3 follow the same route until Schengen.


It is possible to come by plane, car, train or bus. The public transport in Luxembourg is for free. To plan your stay, have a look at the websites of Visit Luxembourg, Visit Éislek, Visit Mullerthal and Visit Moselle. You will find hotels, youth hostels and a lot of camp sites.

For luggage transport have a look at: www.movewecarry.lu


Tëntesmillen, Rodershausen, Obereisenbach, Vianden, Bettel, Longsdorf, Bleesbréck, Gilsdorf, Eppeldorf, Hossebierg, Beaufort, Grundhof, Berdorf, Echternach, Rosport, Wasserbillig, Manternach, Grevenmacher, Stadtbredimus, Remich, Bech-Kleinmacher, Schwebsange, Remerschen


Supermarkets and restaurants can be found within a day’s distance or less except for the Éislek Region.  


www.mobiliteit.lu – Travel climate-friendly and use free public transport in Luxembourg.


The rambler does not need some specific gear to walk the E-path.