E3 in Czech Republic


The route passes along the northern border of the Czech Republic from the West to the East. On the route, you can discover natural attractions and cross famous Czech mountain areas. You will also visit some well-known cultural and historical monuments.

The first section of the route – southern variant E-3 Starting Point

Pomezí nad Ohří (CZ/D)

End Point


The second section of the route, Starting Point


End Point

Harrachov (CZ/PL)

 The third section of the route, Starting Point

Dolní Lipka (CZ/PL)

End Point

Bumbálka (bus) CZ/SK

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through

Cheb, Karlovy Vary, Jáchymov, Boží Dar, Cínovec, Děčín, Hřensko, Liberec, Harrachov, Králíky, Rýmařov, Hradec nad Moravicí, Fulnek, Starý Jičín


747,5 km

Ground path of the E-path

Waymarked trails done by the unified waymarking system of the Klub českých turistů (Czech Tourist Club)

Responsible organisation

Czech Tourist Club


Maps: printed maps of the Czech Tourists Club or web map application

See schematic table of the route here (PDF).

Marking system

Directional signs at information points

Route marking:

Crossing other E-paths:

In the West of the Czech Republic, between Pomezí nad Ohří and Cheb, the route runs 12 km in parallel with the northern variant of the E6 trails.

In the north of the Czech Republic, near the village of Jedlová, there is a 2 km long parallel section to the E10 trail.


Links to information about accommodation, meals and transport on the route can be found on the website in the Mapy.cz application


Map : en.mapy.cz/turisticka?x=15.6252330&y=49.8022514&z=8

Weather: chmi.cz/?l=en