E-path E6 in Denmark


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From the airport in Copenhagen you can choose to take the train to Malmø in Sweden to continue along E6 northwards in Sweden. Do not forget to visit Copenhagen and visit the castles and many attractions.

The E6 starts outside the airport in Copenhagen and you follow the route through Amager to Kalvebod Fælled, where you are in some nice nature (inside Copenhagen). On your way to Roskilde you pass Hedeland with a lot of nice nature.

The alternative E6 connects with the alternative E6 in Sweden and starts in Elsinore, where you visit the castle Kronborg.

On your way to Roskilde you follow the trail Nordsjællandsruten and pass Fredensborg, where you must visit the castle Fredensborg.
E6 and Nordsjællandsruten takes you through nice landscapes of Nordsjælland towards Roskilde.

In Roskilde you must visit the church in the middle of the town, which is the royal church where kings and queens are buried, and the Museum of Vikingships at the harbor.

After Roskilde you are passing through Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land. The E6 follows partly the trail Skjoldungestien.

Before Ringsted you walk along the lake Haraldsted Sø with many nice views.

In Ringsted you must visit the church, which also is the oldest royal church.

On your way after Ringsted you follow the river Susåen with a lot of nice views.

South of Sorø you pass the iceage landscape and the lake Tystrup Sø.

From Tystrup Sø to Slagelse you walk mostly in woods, where E6 is not marked. An alternate northerly route, which is marked but boring, leads you south of Slagelse. Please notice, that you on the alternate route pass a military area, which is allowed for the public outside exercise periods.

From Slagelse you follow lowland nature towards Korsør, where you must take the train to Nyborg first underwater and then over the 21 km long bridge Storebæltsbroen.

On Fyn you walk from Nyborg to Svendborg. On your way go to Lundeborg, a nice small town at the coast. From here the E6 follows the trail Øhavsstien towards Svendborg.

In Svendborg you must enjoy the cosy town with a nice harbor, before you take the ferry to Ærø.

Ærøskøbing is also a cosy town you must enjoy. After this you walk towards Søby with a lot of nice sea views.  

Take the ferry from Søby to Fynshav, where you walk on the island Als to Høruphav.

E6 follows the Leading Quality Trail Gendarmstien from Høruphav to Kruså and E6 follows the coastline.

In Sønderborg you once must stop and enjoy the town and harbor.

West of Sønderborg north of E6 you must visit the battlefield from 1849 and 1864 Dybbøl, before you continue along the coastline.

Stop in Egernsund to enjoy the town and visit the Gråsten palace.

From Egernsund you continue along the coastline to Kruså, where E6 meets E1 and continues south into Germany.

Starting Point

Kastrup airport, Copenhagen. Alternate route: Helsingør.

End Point


Which cities, towns and islands does the E-path pass through

Roskilde, Ringsted, Korsør, Nyborg, Svendborg, Ærø, Als, Sønderborg, Egernsund.


505 km.

Ground path of the E-path

In Nordsjælland the E6 follows Nordsjællandsruten from Helsingør to Roskilde.

From Roskilde to Ringsted the E6 follows partly the trail Skjoldungestien.

On Fyn the E6 follows parts of the 220 km long trail Øhavsstien from Lundeborg to Svendborg.

On Ærø the E6 follows parts of the 220 km long trail Øhavsstien from Ærøskøbing to Søby.

From Høruphav the E6 follows the Leading Quality Trail Gendarmstien to Kruså.

Responsible organisation(s)

Dansk Vandrelaug www.dvl.dk





Marking system

E6 is marked with blue sign and a rambler, with the text Fjernvandrevej E6:

E6 in Denmark

Crossing other E-paths

E6 does not pass other E-paths, except in Kruså where E6 meets E1.



You may find many ways to accommodate:


Food can be bought at supermarkets or shops in most towns. Use Google map to find them.


You may fly to Copenhagen airport or Hamburg airport, from where you may take the train to Kruså.

Trains are covering most of the country. There are train stations at Copenhagen, Helsingør, Roskilde, Ringsted, Slagelse, Korsør, Nyborg, Svendborg, Sønderborg and Kruså. See link below.

Buses cover the entire country. You may find bus stops at Google maps.


No specific gear is needed, as the trails in Denmark are easy accessible.

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