E7 in Spain


The E 7 is a Path that starts in the Pyrenees that allows you to get to know the interior of Spain and, through Portugal, reach the Canary Islands. This trail goes through mountain territories that allow hiking throughout the year. After crossing the Pyrenees, it enters the rural area of Catalonia and the Teruel mountain ranges, in Aragon; there it makes a bank to the west for Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, Castilla y Léon and Extremadura bordering on the south the Central System that divides the peninsula. He enters Portugal and from Lisbon jumps to the Atlantic islands, to the Canary Islands, ending at the Orchilla Lighthouse

In the Canary Islands this itinerary crosses the Garajonay National Park, the Teide National Park, the Caldera de Taburiente National Park and the El Hierro Geopark

Starting Point

La Seu de Urgell (Cataluña)

End Point

Orchilla Lighthouse (El Hierro island)

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through


1431,6 km. active

469 km. (in project May. 2020)

Ground path of the E-path

  • GR® 7 – Cataluña- Stages 1-24
  • GR® 8 – Aragón -Stages 1-16
  • GR® 10 – Aragón-  Stages 10-18  +  -Castilla y Léon Stages 30-36 + Extremadura- Stages 37-55
  • GR® 131 – Canarias. Stages 1-24

Responsible organisations

Cataluña. Federación de Entitats Excursionistes de Cataluña  feec.cat

Aragón. Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo fam.es

Castilla y León. Federación de Deportes de Montaña , Escalada y Senderismo de Castilla y Léon fclm.com

Extremadura: Federación Extremeña de Montañismo fexme.com

Canarias: Federación Canaria de Montañismo fecamon.es

Electronic Information



Búsqueda avanzada
Sendero Europeos E 7

By region

Cataluña: senders.feec.cat/senders-gr



Castilla y Léon


Extremadura: fexme.com/buscar-senderos/

Marking system:

Crossing other E-paths

The European Trail E4 and the Europe Trail E7 have the same route from GR®7 Stage 13 (Bellprat) until GR® 7 Stage  24 (Fredes)



The E7 transits through the natural environment reaching small towns that do not have many accommodations. On regional or municipal tourism websites there are usually lists of accommodation


There are parts of the trail that when crossing rural areas, in the towns there are no restaurants or the possibility of buying food. It is necessary to consult the websites of the municipalities to know where to buy. The situation in the Canary Islands is much better


Except in the Canary Islands, the bus network is very small; in many small towns there is usually a taxi service


The trail runs through the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Central System. Touring them in winter requires equipment to walk on snow. In some parts of the route, in summer, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun and carry plenty of water


Weather sites: aemet.es/es/portada


Geoparque  El Hierro: elhierrogeoparque.es/