E8 in Slovakia


The E8-trail traverses the territory of Slovakia from S-W to N-E.

After crossing the Austrian-Slovak border the E8 has to pass the capital city Bratislava at first following the frequent transport radials under the Bratislava castle, but soon the trail follows to narrow streets and parks and leaves the capital into the deep forests of Malé Karpaty through the recreational area Kamzik. Except of shorter sections of asphalt routes (mostly with not frequent transport) the trail follows on mountain ranges of Malé Karpaty (highest point – Záruby 768 m), Myjavská pahorkatina (Bradlo – 500 m), Biele Karpaty (Veľká Javrina-970 m), Považský Inovec (Inovec-1042 m), Strážovské vrchy (Strážov-1213 m), Malá Fatra (Závozy – 912 m), Žiar (Vyšehrad-829 m), Kremnické vrchy (Vyhnatová-1283 m), Veľká Fatra (Krížna-1574m), Nízke Tatry (Ďumbier – 2046 m), Slovenské rudohorie (Volovec-Skalisko – 1293 m), Čierna hora (Vysoký vrch-851 m), Čergovské vrchy (Čergov-1050 m), Ondavská vrchovina (Čierna hora – 667 m) to the Slovak-Polish border on Dukla-pass.

The trail follows mountain ranges, i.e. the hikers stay in mountains for some days without possibility to buy food or find the accommodation or restaurant directly on the trail.

Starting Point

Bratislava – Berg (border to Austria), green marked route

End Point

Dukliansky priesmyk – Dukla-pass, red marked route

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through

Route E8 in Slovakia goes through: Bratislava, Brezová pod Bradlom, Myjava, Cetuna, Lubina, Hrušové, Višňové, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Beckov, Selec, Mníchova Lehota, Soblahov, Trenčín, Trenčianske Teplice, Horná Poruba, Zliechov, Čičmany, Kunešov, Kremnické Bane, Donovaly, Telgárt, Štós, Košice, Kysak, Ľubovec, Radatice, Malý Šariš, Veľký Šariš, Kanaš, Terňa, Hradisko, Hervartov, Bardejov, Bardejovské Kúpele, Zborov, Andrejová, Kurimka, Svidník, Kapišová, Nižná Písaná, Medvedie, Vyšný Komárnik


787 km, elevation 32 574 m

Ground path of the E-path

The E8 trail in Slovakia follows on the most part the red marked trail Cesta hrdinov SNP -Trail of heroes of the Slovak National Uprising (August 1944) and Štefánikova magistrála (Štefanik´s Magistral).

Responsible organisation

Klub slovenských turistov (Slovak Tourists Club) is responsible for the whole distance of the trail E8 on the territory of Slovak republic.

Klub slovenských turistov (Slovak Tourist Club)
Záborského 33
SK-83103 Bratislava
T: +421 2 444 511 21
F: + 421 2 444 511 41


There are some publications about the trail Cesta hrdinov SNP (Trail of heroes of the Slovak National Uprising), which is almost identical with E8:

Milan Lackovič, Juraj Tevec – Z Devína na Duklu in 29 days dajamabooks.sk/produkt/z-devina-na-duklu/ ; DAJAMA, 2016; Slovak language.

Jorn & Petra Kaufhold – Slowakei: Weg der Helden (E 8); outdoor Handbuch aus der Reihe „Der Weg ist das Ziel“, band 308; Conrad Stein Verlag, 2016; German language.


The whole area of the Slovak Republic is covered by maps from the VKU Harmanec map-publisher. Maps can be bought in e-shop: www.vku-mapy.sk ;

Maps needed for E8 trail in Slovakia (sorted in order from West to East:

VKU map numberRange of mountains/part
127Malé Karpaty – Bratislava
128Malé Karpaty – Záruby
129Malé Karpaty – Bradlo
130Považský Inovec – Piešťany
119Strážovské vrchy – Trenčianske Teplice
120Malá Fatra – Martinské hole
132Kremnické vrchy
121Veľká Fatra
122Nízke Tatry – Chopok
123Nízke Tatry – Kráľova hoľa
124Slovenský raj
125Volovské vrchy – Krompachy
136Volovské vrchy – Košice
115Šarišská vrchovina – Branisko
105Ondavská vrchovina – Bardejov
106Laborecká vrchovina – Dukla

Maps on internet:

Freemap portal: mapy.kst.sk/?p=48.94199|19.59391|13|T

ShoCart portal: mapy.hiking.sk/ – after registration the user can find information about E8.

There is a special sheet where springs and other water sources, shelters and picnic places can be found. After clicking on the icon you get info about GPS, some pictures and info about the place (in Slovak).

Mapy CZ portal: sk.mapy.cz/zakladni?x=21.2322720&y=48.7175060&z=11

Marking system

There is the uniform marking system in the whole Slovakia. The trails are marked with strip-marks in 4 colours – red, blue, green, yellow.

Except of a short part in the western Slovakia, the whole trail is marked with red colour. There is the symbol E8 written on each direction table on the trail.

Green         Berg/border to Austria – Jelení háj

Red            Jelení háj – Javorina

Blue            Javorina – Lubina

Green         Lubina – Čachtice-castle

Yellow        Čachtice-castle – Nove Mesto nad Váhom

Green         Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Pod Inovcom

Red            Pod Inovcom – Dukla pass/border to Poland

Crossing other E-paths

E8 in Slovakia crosses the E3 path in the Eastern Slovakia on 2 places – E3 follows the same path from Cemjata to Čergov and it meets E8 in Dukla again – on the place, where E8 leaves Slovakia and E3 continues on the Slovakian-Poland border to the east..


Basic information can be found on web snptrail.com/ – the information is collected in a very practical itinerary folloving the SNP trail from east to the west (relatively fresh information based on personal experience from 2019)


There are more possibilities for accommodation:

  • hotel, pensions, hostels in bigger towns on the trail – Bratislava, Brezová pod Bradlom,  Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Trenčín, Trenčianske Teplice, Čičmany, Kremnické Bane, Donovaly, Telgárt, Štós, Košice,  Veľký Šariš, Bardejov, Bardejovské Kúpele, Svidník
  • mountain chalets – they can be found in

Biele Karpaty chalet Holubyho chata www.holubyhochata.sk/

Veľká Fatra – hotel and chalet Kráľova studňa www.kralovastudna.com/

Nízke Tatry – chalet M.R.Štefánika www.chatamrs.sk/,

Slovenské rudohorie – chalet Pod Volovcom www.lacneubytovanie.net/ubytovanie/chata-volovec/

  • tourist shelters with service

Nízke Tatry – Ďurková – www.nizketatry.sk/chaty/upchabencom/upchabencom.html

Nízke Tatry – Andrejcová – www.nizketatry.sk/chaty/uandrejcova/uandrejcova.html

  • Camping and bivouac is possible on the whole route except of National parks (Veľká Fatra, Nízke Tatry, Slovenský raj) and nature reserves (marked on the map with green line). The national parks have special rules for bivouac. 

Veľká Fatra – near to the chalet Kráľová studňa and near to SNP-memorial on Kráľová studňa

Nízke Tatry – Hiadeľské sedlo near shelter, Ďurková near Shelter, Čertovica near the chalet Horská služba, Ramža near shelter, Andrejcova – near shelter

Slovenský raj – no possibility for camping on the E8 trail in National park.


Restaurants are in towns on the trail and on chalets.

In small villages there are groceries with opening hours daily (mostly except Sunday) and pubs – opening hour in the afternoon, mostly after 14:00-16:00, but no food is served there.


Trains and public buses can be used during on the trail.

Buses communicate quiet often during working days (esp. early in the morning to go to work and school and in the afternoon at about 3:00-4:00PM to come home). There can be a problem to find any bus-connection on weekends and public holidays.

Web for bus and railway connections: cp.hnonline.sk/en/vlakbusmhdsk/spojenie/


From late spring to autumn, no special equipment is needed. In winter, late autumn and early spring the special winter gear should be necessary in highest part of the trail – in Veľká Fatra and Nízke Tatry.

In Slovakia, the tap water is drinkable anywhere. People on villages on the trail are very helpful and offer the rambler drinking water in their houses.

There are plenty springs with good and tasty water (often even mineral water) along the trail, but they are regularly neither tested nor certified. So, if you are afraid with water quality, you should have water filter.


Weather report

Slovak weather forcasting portal, short-term forecast according to the location under Model ALADIN, storms radar – www.shmu.sk/sk/?page=1

Global weather forecasting portal from Norway www.yr.no/place/Slovakia/Bratislava/Bratislava/

Web sites

snptrail.com/ a very detailed English description of the SNP trail with the itinerary with many actual advices (acc. to the situation in 2019). Recommended for  E8 track too.

cestasnp.sk/ travelogues and experiences of ramblers, live tracking, you can see there, where the ramblers use to camp and read their actuall comments (this site is in Slovak only).