E9 in Poland


The 706.1 km long E9 tourist route in Poland is a fascinating hike along the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. Passing through the National and Landscape Parks, it allows you to breathe fresh air, giving you the opportunity to relax and rest among the sandy, fairy-tale seaside landscapes. During the trip, you can come across historic or still active lighthouses, old architecture, and many charming beaches. The trip will also allow you to get to know many historic cities and towns, giving you the opportunity to admire wonderful architectural monuments and at the same time give you the opportunity to learn about Polish history, culture and art. Polish hospitality, open hearts and minds of people will enable an extraordinary adventure, aesthetic sensations, and intensive rest. We invite you

Starting Point

Świnoujście – border crossing

End Point

Gronowo – border crossing

Which cities and towns does the E-path pass through

Red trail

Świnoujście – Warszów – Przytór – Międzyzdroje – Dziwnów –  Łukęcin – Pobierowo  – Trzęsacz – Rewal – Niechorze – Lędzin – Sadlno – Trzebiatów – Trzebusz – Roby – Karcino – Dźwirzyno – Kołobrzeg – Ustronie Morskie – Mielno – Darłowo – Wicie – Jarosławiec – Jezierzany – Zaleskie – Pęplino – Wodnica – Ustka – Dębina – Rowy – Czołpino – Łeba – Białogóra – Żarnowiec

Green trail

– Jastrzębia Góra

Blue trail

– Władysławowo – Rzucewo Zamek – Puck – Wejcherowo

Black trail

– Rumia – dolina Kaczy – Gdańsk PKS – Stogi – Górki Zachodnie – Gdańsk PKP – Górki Wschodnie – Świbno – Wyspa Sobieszewska –

Yellow trail

Mikoszewo – Jantar – Stegna – Sztutowo – Krynica Morska –

Red trail

Elbląg – Tolkmicko – Frombork – Braniewo

No marked trail (7 km)

– Gronowo


726,8 km

Ground path of the E-path

On the trail, we can meet any type of road surface. So there will be paved asphalt roads, dirt roads or sandy beaches which are best to walk on with bare feet. Some parts of the trail overlap with local routes in national parks and with regional routes. We do not have information on how many and what kind of road there is on the trail.

Responsible organisation

Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society







Marking system

The trail consists of whole or sections of local trails connected in one track, with a uniform E-9 symbol on the signposts.

Crossing other E-paths

The trail does not cross any other E path.



Hotels houses and guesthouses (or places to rest for tents) can be found at least every 10 – 20 km. Be aware of the seasonality. Some accommodations are only open during the holiday season. In high season it is difficult to find accommodation for individual tourists and for one night.


The availability of catering services varies by region. Please note that some companies only operate during the summer or certain times, so it is advisable to call before your visit. Shops can be found in more populated areas.


Rail and bus transport is available in the immediate vicinity of the trail. You can use city public transport in larger cities.


You don’t need any special equipment. Waterproof boots and a waterproof jacket in rainy weather will come in handy. The best way to walk on the beach is barefoot.