Nutrition while out

When walking briskly, the body uses ca. 270 kcal more energy per hour than it would when sitting at ease. However, sausages, alcohol and crisps are not suitable as energy foods on a walk. 

The ideal walking menu

  • Minimum of 1 litre of liquids such as water, unsweetened herb or fruit tee, fruit juice diluted with 3 parts of water. Experienced walkers drink 10-20 cl. of liquid every 15-20 minutes. 
  • Wholegrain bread with dried meat, ham or cheese. Vegetarian alternative: Pastry, rice or potato salad in tightly closed lunch box.
  • Vegetables like carrots, peppers, radishes, cucumber or kohlrabi in bite-size bits. Apples, dried fruit and nuts, cereal bars.
  • As well as sausages, vegetables, corn cobs and potatoes are great for the barbeque. It is best to pre-cook them at home, season with oil, garlic or herbs, wrap in kitchen foil and then cook on the hot embers.
  • Sugar free sweets. Tooth kind chewing gum may replace the toothbrush for a day. 
  • After the walk, drink plenty and eat pasta. That replenishes fluids and carbohydrates lost after strenuous exercise. 

Especially for Winter walks

Take additional warm drinks or hot water, e.g. for instant soups.