ERA Foundation

The Foundation was founded by the European Ramblers’ Association the 27 September 2004 in Germany, in the country of the ERA seat, to support the objectives of the European Ramblers’ Association, for example to create and maintain the European long-distance footpaths, which are crossing the frontier over the Europe or to protect the countryside, environment and the European cultural heritage. The Foundation pursues primarily aims of the ERA.

The assets of the Foundation consist of the ERA members’ donations as of donations from other specific gifts or subsidies from various organisations, associations and other third parties, as well.

The management of the Foundation is composed of two chambers:

– The Foundation Forum
– The Foundation Council

The Foundation Forum consists of the persons/organizations who contributed to a minimum of 3,000 EUR. The Foundation Council is appointed by the Presidium of the European Ramblers Association and its members are from the group of donators that contributed at least 6,000 EUR. Higher amounts than 3,000 EUR can also be donated in smaller instalments. All those donators are mentioned on the Foundation Forum’s List of the ERA Foundation.

The organisations, associations and other third parties are still very welcomed to become the member of the Foundation Forum and in this way support the work in the ERA. Their name will be recorded into the Honorary list. The contributions to the Foundation are not limited by a minimum value. Any amount you want to contribute to the ERA activities will be very welcomed. 
In some countries is possible to deduct expenses as sponsor gift to the Foundation from the tax base.

How to send any donation:

Feel free and be proud of sending any financial donation to the ERA Foundation. Even by collecting a very small amount from individuals makes the donation at the end an important support of the Foundation value.

You might to collect the money from the individuals and send to the Foundation as a group.

The leaders of the German Wiehengebirgsverband Weser-Ems, in cooperation with the Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein, make for its members a lottery every year. A profit of this action is sent to the Foundation account.

The Spanish Federation Mountanismo de la Region Murcia started a project with the member cards. From each sold card a small amount belongs to the ERA Foundation. The new members are not only the owners of the membership in the walking group, but are also little donors for a good thing.

The Foundation gets also assets from the bigger events, where the money collection for this occasion is managed generally by organizers or group leaders.

Account of the ERA Foundation:

Name: Stiftung „Europäische Wandervereinigung”
Address: Volksbank Odenwald eG
Frankfurter Str. 1
D – 64720 Michelstadt
No.: 101805681
BLZ: 508 635 13
IBAN: DE54 5086 3513  0101 8056 81

If you have questions, please contact the ERA office:

The Foundation Council:

Hans-Ulrich Rauchfuß
Boris Mićić
Antonio Turmo
Simon Middelkamp
Sophie Chipon

The Foundation Forum:

European Ramblers Association
Verband Deutcher Gebirgs-und Wandervereine e. V.
Schwäbischer Albverein e.V.
Stichting Wandelplatform LAW
Fédération Francaise de la Randonnée Pédestre
Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein e.V.
Federatione Italiana Escursionismo
Euskal Mendizale Federazioa
Federacion Espanola de Deportes de Montaňa y Escalada
Mr. Karl Schneider