Competencies check list

The Itinerary

Ability to organise a hike:

  • Preparation (Choice of itinerary, logistics, budget, time calculation, promotion)

Knowledge of the itinerary (scouting):

  • Evaluation of the degree of difficulty
  • Possibilities of retreat
  • Points of interest / sights

Sense of orientation (find the way around in the open country):

  • Ability to read a map
  • Make associations from map to countryside
  • Application/use of navigation instruments

The Associate Live

Knowledge of the values of the associative live; promote it:

  • Knowledge of the own organization and its dissemination towards third parties
  • Publicity for ERA
  • Publicity for hiking as a social activity

Ability to take care of a group

  • Promotion of comradeship
  • Information of participants (course of events, timetable, etc.)

Ability to lead a group

  • Attentiveness, availability, authority

To be able to give time and attention to the needs of the group 


The Environment

Knowledge and application of the legal rules of the geographic area concerned
Knowledge of and respect towards the concerned environment (population, nature, culture)
Knowledge of the meteorological conditions; ability to observe und interpret their development
Knowledge of the relevant path and terrain conditions


Health & Security

Knowledge of the risks; ability to assess them and to react correctly thereupon
Knowledge and assessment of the physical ability and the equipment which are required for the practice of the chosen activity
Ability to administer first aid and to notify the rescue services
Energy management (effort/breaks)
Awareness of the problem areas related to questions of liability and insurance