Marcoussis declaration

Rambling is an activity which, in the context of a desire to discover and understand natural and human environments, creates a passion to share in an atmosphere of goodwill. 

A pastime demanding stamina, rambling requires a minimum of knowledge and preparation in return for a maximum of pleasure and safety. In the social context, it is absolutely necessary that its organisers rely on leaders who are both competent and qualified. Managing rambling demands, amongst other things, that certain rules are followed. 

  • To be familiar with the route in detail, the weather conditions and any particular aspects of the chosen environment. 
  • To prepare oneself by judging the physical fitness of the party, the schedule and by acquiring knowledge of the terrain to be crossed. 
  • To provide oneself with the right equipment to ensure protection and safety for the party. 
  • To act in an appropriate way that conserves effort, by remaining aware of possible risks and by respecting the surroundings. 
  • To adapt oneself to evolving conditions, the abilities of the party, changes of route and knowing when to turn back if conditions deteriorate. 

To respond to these demands, leader training is an absolute necessity. A training programme with a common core in each country, must evolve towards a suitable level of competence for managing and organising rambling as an activity. Each programme must therefore contain three elements: 

  • technical skills 
  • social skills 
  • respect for the environment and the cultural heritage. 

The pleasure to be found in rambling is assured by respecting certain rules and the social group context is the best environment in which to contribute to this by a thorough organising of the activity and high quality management.