• CONNECT (Connecting Outdoor Sports and Protected Areas in Europe)
    Leader: European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS)
    ERA: full partner
  • E-PATHS (E-paths: Connecting Europe)
    Leader: Hiking Club “TARA” of Mountaineering Association of Serbia
    ERA: full partner
  • PATH (Engaging young people in trekking and associative activities through co-design)
    Leader: Trekkify
    ERA: associated partner
  • ROUTES (Responsible Overall Use of Trails through a framework for a European Standard)
    Leader: Fédération Francaise de la Randonnée Pédestre (FFRP)
    ERA: full partner

None of the projects mentioned under 06-03-2023 were executed.


Between 9 -12 February 2023, the ERA Board meeting was held in Strasbourg (F).
The ERA Board agreed to become a partner in these further projects:

  • Co-Trek – Engaging young people in trekking and associative activities through co-design (with the leadership of Trekkify) – integration of youth into the common projects with adults

    The aim is to bring together different actors in a collaborative design: federations and young people coming together to find common solutions. In addition, the need of involving young generations in the project will be achieved by having in the consortium two organizations (from Spain and Lithuania) that work directly with young people.
    ERA will prepare a questionnaire concerning youth in our MOs. The project will mainly invest on research, why we don’t have youth in ERA, what the conditions for youth are.
    A resumé concerning youth can be developed with the interested ERA MOs in the future with own projects, with greater budgets.

    Status: a preparation phase for an application

  • Inclusive Hiking project (with the leadership of EUMA) – guidelines and special hikes for disabled people

    This project aims to strengthen the development of physical activity as a means of comprehensive growth of participation, relaxation, recreation, entertainment, learning and social inclusion for young people with special needs. Some of ERA’s MOs have also experiences with disabled persons. The results of the projects are: Inclusive Hiking Guide, 12 Inclusive Hikes, Charity Campaign.

    Status: a preparation phase for an application

Projects of ERA member organisations, they can be in synergy with ERA projects:

  • Forest and Coastal Hiking Trails’ accessibility improvement for different social groups (Accessible Hiking Trails)
    The project objective is to improve accessibility of the Baltic Hiking trails – the Coastal Hiking Trail and the Forest Trail – for different social groups by implementing accessibility and inclusive marketing solutions in the territory of both trails, in Latvia and Estonia. The different groups are: seniors, families with young children, disabled people, foreigners (with language and cross-cultural barrier, school-aged youth).
    Partners: Estonian and Latvian tourism organisations, regions, municipalities


ERA and our member organisations are initiating a range of projects within the scope of ERAs Strategic Plans.

Below document is until further the basis for ERAs work with projects that may start in 2023:

These can be possible projects: