Trails and Paths Conference 2024

A trails and paths conference will be held 7-10 November 2024 in France with the main topic: Sustainability.

Executive Summary

The European Trails Conference aims to bring together trail organizations from across Europe to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, with a focus on sustainable trail management practices, inclusive governance, and innovative strategies and engagement.


The conference aims to foster collaboration among European trail organizations, emphasizing sustainable trail management practices, promoting inclusivity in trail usage and governance, and addressing the challenge of declining memberships and an aging demographic among organized hikers.

The key information themes will be trail sustainability, maintenance, climate resilience and trail infrastructure.

Speakers will among others be asked to talk about:

  •    Implementing best practices for trail maintenance and ensuring long-term sustainability.
  •    Protection measures for diverse trail users.
  •    Addressing the impact of climate change on trail infrastructure and identifying adaptive measures.

Topics for discussions will be how to ensure:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Cultural and Heritage Preservation
  • Safety and Accessibility
  • Responsible Visitor Behavior
  • Community Engagement and Economic Impact
  • Increased engagement by organized hikers.

The outcome of the conference is to be used further in the work of sustainability.

The conference is also connected to the project ERA Green Trails.

Please contact ERA Secretariat, if you have any issues or ideas for the conference. See contact details at the bottom of this page.