Almost 11 000 km of marked footpaths exist in Hungary. There are three long-distance footpaths, with blue markings.
OKT, the “National (or Country-wide) Blue Tour” is 1.100 km in length, constituting the Hungarian section of E4 (connecting Irottkó in the west, Hollohaza in the east (Sátoraljaújhely).
DKT, the “South Transdanubian  (or Pannonian) Blue Tour” with a length of about 555 km. It is the Hungarian section of E7 with Irottkó in the west, Szekszárd in the east (via Bajánsenye).
AKT, “Great Plain Blue Tour” is about 800 km in length and is the Hungarian section of E7 between Szekszárd and Szeged, of E3 and E4 between Sátoraljaujhely and Biharkeresztes.

Along the footpaths hotels, private rooms and other kinds of accommodation can be found.

Areas with marked footpaths also exist in the Sopron-Köszeg mountains, the Mecsek mountains and the Danube bend. There are several national parks in the mountains and on the plain.

Tourist maps exist at scales from 1:40 000 to 1:60 000 of the tourist areas. Guidebooks in foreign languages are scarce. Most of them are in German.

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