The ADEMN association (Association for the Development & the Environment of the Northern Mountains) was created in the year 2002 with its head office in Chefchaouen for the protection of the environment and the rural development in the North of Morocco. Amongst its activities it assists the renewal of traditional pathways and the restoring of rural village houses to accommodate hikers and ramblers.

For several  years ADEMN been working with the Spanish FEDME to create a network of marked footpaths in the Rif chain. They have contributed especially in the unification of the E4 footpath in Ceuta with the A1 which is marked until Tetouan crossing the Rif Mountains.

ERA affiliated members:

Federation Royale Marocaine de Ski et Montagne
Parc de la ligue arabe
Boite  postale 15899
T: +212 22 47 49 79
F: +212 22 47 49 79