In the Netherlands a network of more than 35 long distance footpaths exist. They range from 60 to 400 km. The total network is more than 6.000 km. Some of the paths are long distance footpaths (lange- afstand wandelpaden) and others are regional (streekpaden).

In cooperation with the organisation which coordinates these footpaths (wandelnet), Dutch Rail has developed a number of daytrips (and some trips for two days) going from station to station.

Favourite regions for walking are the dunes along the coast, the (former) marshes in Holland, and the wood district “veluwe” in the centre of the country. Also there are eleven special rural areas – Valuable man-made Landscapes – suitable for walking.

In guides with maps (1:25 000), all practical information is given. They are easy to use even if you do not know Dutch: there is a special section with essential topics explained in English as well as a glossary. In special lists Dutch words are given in English, French and German.

A map with long distance footpaths in the Netherlands is published every two years. This map and guides can be ordered from Wandelnet.

Guides can also be obtained at the travel bookshop Pied-à-Terre in Amsterdam.

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