Possibilities for tourists to walk exist in different regions of Ukraine and it becomes particularly popular in the Southern Ukraine in Crimea and in the mountain areas of the western regions (Zakarpatska, Lvivska, Ivano-Frankivska and Cherinvetska oblast). 

There are no European long distance paths on the territory of Ukraine yet. However almost all the necessary conditions exist for extending the European paths that will join the Ukrainian network of hiking trails from Slovakia and will cross the territory of Zakarpatska oblast.

In particular, 80% of the territory of Zakarpatska oblast is covered with mountains and 50% with forests. The pride of the Transcarpathian region is the highest peak of Ukraine – the mountain Goverla with the height of 2.061 m above sea level. Zakarpatska oblast has a border with four states of the European Union (namely, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland) and the territory of this region has the network of more than 105 hiking trails of different length and difficulty. As well several thematic routes are developed in the region (wine route, church route etc.)

Maps and information about local hiking trails can be found in tourist information centers, the network of which consists of 16 centers in different parts of the region.

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