Discover the E3 hiking trail in Luxembourg

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the E3 hiking trail as it traverses the picturesque landscapes of Luxembourg. Starting from Rombach at the Belgian border, this 237 km trail meanders through diverse terrains, from the serene Upper Sûre Lake and charming villages like Esch-sur-Sûre, to the historic castles in Wiltz, Clerveaux, and Vianden. Wander through the wild beauty of the Éislek Region, explore the spectacular rocky landscapes of the Mullerthal Region, and finish in the historic town of Schengen, where European unity was forged.

Highlights of the trail

  • Upper Sûre Lake: Experience tranquility and scenic beauty.
  • Éislek Region: Discover castles and wild landscapes.
  • Mullerthal Region: Marvel at the rocky terrains and UNESCO Global Geopark.
  • Historic Sites: Visit the oldest city in Luxembourg, Echternach, and conclude in Schengen, the symbol of European unity.

Practical information

  • Length: 237 km
  • Starting Point: Rombach (border BE-LU)
  • End Point: Schengen (border triangle LU-DE-FR)
  • Public Transport: Free in Luxembourg
  • Accommodation and Food: Available along the trail

Plan your hike with resources from Visit Luxembourg, Visit Éislek, and Visit Mullerthal.

For detailed maps and more information, visit E3 in Luxembourg.