E-path coordination

The work with the E-paths is coordinated by the ERA E-path Coordination Group.
The group refers to the ERA Presidium.

The E-path Coordination Group consist of 4-5 members with special interest in E-paths.

The purpose, goals and tasks of the group are as following:


Implement the Project Plan of ERA E-path Strategy.
Implement and coordinate E-paths activities, e.g. regional walks and activities and/or The E-Day.
Coordinate E-paths projects, e.g. changes or additions to the E-paths.


From January 2019: the E-path coordination group to be established.
From Spring 2019: Subgroups for each E-path to be established.
From Spring 2019: data on Wikipedia and Waymarkedtrails to be improved and to be coordinated with Traildino and other sources.


The Presidium establish the coordination group by appointing the chairman and other permanent members.
The chairman contacts the contactpersons of each MO in order to establish the subgroups for each E-path.
Each subgroup appoint an overall coordinator, who becomes a member of the coordination group.
Each subgroup improves and qualifies the E-path data on Wikipedia and Waymarked Trails.
The coordination group consider former and upcoming projects and activities.


You may contact the E-path Coordination Group at this email address:
 e-path.coordination.group(at)era-ewv-ferp.org (replace (at) with @ ) or by using this forum.