E-path coordination

The work with the E-paths is coordinated by the ERA E-path Working Group.
The group is established by and refers to the ERA Presidium.

The E-path Working Group consist of 5 members with special interest in E-paths: Steen Kobberø-Hansen (presidium, Denmark), Antonio Turmo (Spain), Ruben Jordao (Portugal), Helmut Schuster (Germany) and Ioan Bodnar (Romania).

The purpose, goals and tasks of the group are as following:


Implement the Project Plan of ERA E-path Strategy.
Implement and coordinate E-paths activities, e.g. regional walks and activities and/or The E-Day.
Coordinate E-paths projects, e.g. changes or additions to the E-paths.


2019: Subgroups for each E-path to be established.
2019: Data on website, Wikipedia and Open Street Map to be improved and to be coordinated with Traildino and other sources.
2020: Promotion of E-paths, incl. image of E-paths.
2021: Book on 50 years of E-paths.
2022: Booklets on each E-paths with relevant country information.

Activities will be done regionally by region groups.


The working group establish the subgroups for each E-path.
The working group assess and consider former and upcoming projects and supervise on activities.

Each subgroup improves and qualifies the E-path data on this webpage.


Chairman of the E-path Working Group: Steen Kobberø-Hansen .
Chairman of subgroups E1, E2 and E6: Steen Kobberø-Hansen.
Chairman of subgroups E3, E4 and E12: Antonio Turmo.
Chairman of subgroups E5, E7 and E9: Ruben Jordao.
Chairman of subgroups E8, E10 and E11: Helmut Schuster.


See the latest news about the E-paths here


You may contact the E-path Working Group at this email address:
 e-path.coordination.group(at)era-ewv-ferp.org (replace (at) with @ )