E-path coordination

Updated: 30-5-2024

The work with the E-paths is coordinated by the ERA E-path Working Group.
The group is established by and refers to the ERA Board.

The E-path Working Group consists of 5 members with a special interest in E-paths: Steen Kobberø-Hansen (ERA Board, Denmark), Juan (Spain), Rúben Jordao (Portugal), Helmut Schuster (Germany) and Ioan Bodnár (Romania). Boris Mićić (President of ERA, Serbia) and Jana from the ERA Secretariat support the WG.

The purpose, goals, and tasks of the group are as follows:


Implement the E-paths Masterplan.
Implement and coordinate E-paths activities, e.g. regional walks and activities.
Coordinate E-paths projects, e.g. changes or additions to the E-paths.


Gather data on E-paths from our member organizations in each country to establish the verified E-paths.

E-path activities will be done regionally and independently by member organizations.


The working group assesses and considers former and upcoming projects and supervises activities.

The working group improves and qualifies the E-path data on e-paths.org


Chairman of the E-path Working Group: Steen Kobberø-Hansen.
Coordination of data on E1, E2, and E6: Steen Kobberø-Hansen.
Coordination of data on E3, E4 and E12: Juan Jesús Ibáñez
Coordination of data on E5, E7 and E9: Rúben Jordao.
Coordination of data on E8, E10, and E11: Helmut Schuster and Ioan Bodnár (E8 east).


E-path waymarking

A unified waymarking for the E-paths is recommended to add to the national/regional waymarking system at the crossings and at some important places to reassure hikers of the correct direction on the E-path. The E-paths signs can be places separately or integrated into the national/regional waymarking system.


You may contact the E-path Working Group at this email address:
 e-paths(at)era-ewv-ferp.org (replace (at) with @ )