Baltic Coastal Hiking Closing Conference

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Closing Conference and opening of E9 in the Baltics were held in Estonia 13-14 September 2019. The conference “Baltic Coastal Hiking final conference and official opening of the E9 in Baltics” was wrapping up the results of the Baltic Coastal Hiking project –  the success and lessons learned, and to see … Read moreBaltic Coastal Hiking Closing Conference

European E-Paths Meeting Tarifa 2019

22 – 24 March 2019 The Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering, the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports, together with the Provincial Government of Cádiz, the Local Government of Tarifa and with the collaboration of the Offices of Tourism and Sport, and Environmental issues from the Regional Government of Andalusia, are pleased to invite you … Read moreEuropean E-Paths Meeting Tarifa 2019