Eurorando 2016

The planning for ER 16 started in February 2012 when the ERA presidium decided the event theme “Energy” and a programme split in 2 parts – European Walks and the Final Week.

There was at that time no host for the Final Week – but the preparations for walks started immediately all over Europe.

The host for the Final Week was finally found in September 2013 after a bidding round between Association Carpatino Ardeleana a Turistilor in Romania (Brasov) and Svenska Turistföreningen in Sweden (Skåne).

The main theme is “Energy”.


• Promotion of walking as an “ideal” activity
• Learn about different sorts of energy
• Respect for our unspoilt environments and discove­ring natural energies sources.

The event was divided into 2 parts: “EURORANDO Walks” and “EURORANDO Sweden”.