ERA condemn the illegal war in Ukraine, and we call for an immediate end of the war.

ERA was founded with the vision of a united and free Europe in the time of the Cold War. ERA is dedicated to the principles of the Council of Europe of Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law. ERA has member organizations all over Europe and brings together people in a spirit of fair play and equal opportunities in hiking along our pan-European long-distance trails as well as the
EURORANDO. We believe in a peaceful communion of the people and countries of Europe.

As an umbrella organization there is little ERA can do itself in this trying times. But our member organizations are active in aiding refugees from the war zone and delivering humanitarian goods to the suffering people of the Ukraine. We also stand with all the people in Russia and Belarus who stand up for the principles of democracy, human rights, and rule of law and most and for all against this barbaric war and for peace.

As an organization founded on the principles of understanding and literally building paths of communication and bridges of understanding in Europe, we condemn the regime responsible for these atrocities but continue to work for and with the people in all the countries we cover, including Russia, in hope for peace and re-conciliation.