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ERA 54th Conference

28 September @ 16:00 30 September @ 23:00

Will take place in Ilawa, Poland. More details follow later.


for the election of one half of the Board
 held on 30 September 2023

The positions open for the election:

1st vice-president
Gerhard Emischer – nominated by the ERA Board for this position following the article No. 3 of the Bylaw No. 4: Rules for candidacy and election for ERA bodies
If you have objections to this nomination, please send them by the 1st June 2023.

3rd vice-president
This position is open.
Please send your candidacy by the 1st June 2023.

2nd assessor
This position is open.
Please send your candidacy by the 1st June 2023.

Please send the candidacy or objections to the nomination to: secretariat@era-ewv-ferp.com

According the articles of the ERA Constitution: No: 11  and  13

I. General conditions:

   1. The right to nominate candidates for election of ERA bodies, has:
       • ERA bodies
       • Full member organizations

   2. A nominee has to be the member of a full or an associate member organization.
   3. The candidate has to be fluent in at least one of the official ERA languages. 

II. Supplementary conditions defined by the ERA BOARD:    

Additional conditions (required) :

   4. Communicativeness
   5. Democracy
   6. Digital literacy
   7. General culture
   8. Solidarity
   9. Voluntary work

      III.            Specific conditions (recommended):

10. Preferable one of the languages should be English which is used in the Board meetings and in the majority of Working groups as a working language.
11. Experience in working with collective management bodies
12. The ability to manage her/his professional obligations and requirements for work for the ERA Board

13. Presence on all ERA Board meetings (except very serious issues)
2 x 3-4 days (included  traveling  days)
1 x 3 days for BM + 3 days ERA Conference = total 6 days (included travelling days)
Short zoom meetings optionally

 14.  Active communication per e-mails, especially  for the online decisions
 15.  Experience in projects

Extracts from the ERA Constitution’s Bylaw 4 – Election rules

Article 4

Time schedule of candidacy procedure
The candidacy procedure starts on the day when Board announces positions for election on the forthcoming session of the GM and occurs up to date defined by Board. The duration of the nomination period may not be less than 3 months.

The application form is delivered to the ERA office, so it arrives no later than 5 days before session of the Board meeting.

Article 5

Application form for candidacy contains the basic information (name and surname, year of birth), the function for which she/he is running. Candidate’s CV (professional skills and life experiences in an organisation) is a part of the application.

If a candidate is proposed by an ERA full member, it is required, their request and confirmation that she/he is their member. The candidate must be supported in written by his MO. This application letter must be part of the candidacy application form.


The position is valid for 4 years and starts during the election procedure, after the approval of the candidate, that he/she accept the election of his/her candidacy, and last until the next election.