Eurorando 2021-22

Eurorando 2021-22 is a multi-event, where we encourage you to arrange walks in your home country under the motto FRIENDSHIP.

12 E-paths One Europe

Campaign by Wandermagazin & OutdoorWelten on E-path E1. The kick-off event will take place at the Hermanns-Monument in Detmold, Germany. It marks the start of the long-distance hike, divided into four time periods and 78 stages. The last hiking team will arrive in Constance in mid-October 2022. The hiking summit weekend on May 21st and 22nd, 2022 ... Read more

Start of E1 event in Padborg

German hikers will from 24th of May to 20th of October walk along E-path E1 to Konstanz. The walk is part of a 12 year project, where Deutsche Wandermagasin and ERA will walk on and promote an E-path each year. In 2022 the focus is on E1. See ERA's webpage about the project. The event ... Read more

Virtual E-paths conference

The E-paths 50 years anniversary will among others be celebrated at a virtual conference on Zoom and streamed on Facebook. More details will follow later

50th years anniversary of the E-paths

ERA celebrate the 50th years anniversary of the E-paths with a physical event in Konstanz, Germany, close to where E1, E4 and E5 meet. More will follow later.

E5 turns 50

The European Path E5 turns 50 and ABAZIA, Badia Calavena (Vr) are ready to celebrate it with a relay race from the Passo del Rombo to Verona from 20 August to 5 September 2022. Here is how much, where we will walk and what to do will cross: 350 kilometers from Passo del Rombo to ... Read more

Eurorando 2022

Eurorando will also take place in Sibiu in 2022