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CANCELLED: Webinar for Member Organisations

05/04/2023 @ 17:00


Due to the lack of participants the webinar was

You can see the resume of the lectures below (links for each subject).


  • European Cultural Routes (Gerhard Ermischer)

    Several of our member organisations are currently involved in a project to create a  new Cistercian Route from France through Germany to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia with several branches. ERA has a moderating role in this. The project offers opportunities for us to further liaise with the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, as well as to develop training schemes for tour guides along the route based on the principles of ERA. It is a cross border project which can bring several of our organizations closer to each other and can serve as a model for other regions and with the European Cultural Routes. It can help us to gain experience in cross border projects and in acquiring funding and additional income for waymarking, maintenance work, training of tour guides etc. There is an interest from the institute for Cultural Routes to liaise with other regions in Europe on similar projects with us. This webinar shall give information on the state of the project as well as explore interest in similar co-operations and how to better communicate potential projects between ourselves.

    Cultural Routes – resume of the lecture

  • ERA Projects – evaluation (Boris Mićić)

    At the last ERA General Meeting, it was announced that the ERA Board plans to apply for new projects. A survey was distributed among the membership and valuable responses from our members were received. At the autumn webinar, held in November 2022, our possibilities and wishes of our members regarding this matter were presented.
    Afterwards, the conditions for applying either as a leader or as a partner for various projects were studied, and at this spring webinar we will present the development of the ideas and their implementation. They refer to both: ERA organization and to our members! Don’t forget, through project financing we provide further development, perspective and visibility of our activities through proposed solutions and improvements.

    ERA projects – resume of the lecture