Slovenia – Meeting of European Travelers 2023

The Commission for European Footpaths in Slovenia (KEUPS), organises on Friday 22 Sept. and on Saturday 23 Sept. 2023 the Meeting of European Travelers 2023. ' Description: 22/9 11:00 am - We start the hike in Šentjernej, at the Primož Trubar Cultural Center, Trubarjeva cesta 13. Greetings and presentation of the place by the locals, ... Read more

E9 in 2023, Poland

After the 50th anniversary of E-paths in 2022, ERA decided to celebrate one E-path every year.In 2023, the E-path E9 is in focus of celebrations.The organisers of the 54th ERA Conference prepared a special trip to E9 (Copernicus Walking Trail) in Poland as an additional programme for the interested participants.