E-path Certificate

European long-distance paths go between European countries – from North Cape to Crete and from the Atlantic to the Carpathians and the Black Sea. There are 12 E-paths, bearing the name of E1 to E12.

ERA seeks to encourage walkers to use the E-paths to strengthening the mutual understanding between people. ERA wants to encourage cultural exchange, develop an understanding of different environments, increase knowledge of the countryside and the people who live there.

ERA awards walkers who have used the E-paths in an outstanding way. ERA has two special certificates:

E-Path Certificate 1


·         The same E-path in 3 different countries   
·         In each of the 3 countries a 50 km walk on the path  
·         It must be completed in a maximum 3 consecutive years

E-Path Certificate 2


·         Minimum 6 different E-paths  
·         On each E-path a minimum 20 km walk   
·         It must be completed in a maximum 3 consecutive years

The walker must present the documentation to his member organisation (member of ERA). After the verification, the organisation applies to ERA for the certificate. The signed certificate is sent back to the ERA organisation. Thereby, the ERA member organisation has the possibility to award the certificate at a special event or meeting and  motivate other  people to walk on E-paths.

ERA wishes all walkers a lot of successful kilometers in Europe.