The European Week of Sport has the goal of promoting sports and physical activities throughout Europe. This event is open to everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level. Its objective is to encourage people to engage in regular physical activities and create more opportunities to exercise in their daily lives. The ultimate aim is to inspire people to #BeActive and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, the percentage of Europeans who engage in physical activity or sports is at an all-time low, with 59% of them never or seldom participating. Furthermore, participation has either stagnated or declined in some EU member states.

The European Week of Sport is a multi-level event that takes place across the EU, at national, regional and local levels. The event is designed to appeal to all audiences and includes themes and activities that encourage people to be more active. The Week focuses on four themes – Education Environment, Workplace, Outdoors, Sport Clubs and Fitness Centres – which are the key places where people can improve their habits and #BeActive! The Flagship Event is at the heart of the Week, and its theme changes every year. Public authorities, organizations, and individuals come together to inspire people to get active.

As a yearly celebration, the European Week of Sport will inspire a range of inventive and thrilling events and activities in various countries.

ERA has been acknowledged as a partner for this event. This provides a unique opportunity to showcase ERA to the European Commission and emphasize that outdoor activities are as important as traditional competitive sports. As a partner, ERA will encourage its members to participate in the week by organizing local activities.

ERA encourages people to walk on the E-paths between September 23rd and September 30th. The motto for this event is: #beactive on the #epaths.

You can also participate in the European Walking Day on the first Saturday within European Week of Sport.