European Walking Day

ERA initiated this way of visibility in walking all over the Europe.

Let us together promote, organise and dedicate our actions on the first Saturday of the European Week of Sport, which takes place every year from 23 to 30 September.

ERA calls for the member organisations to organise walks locally on this day.

Being part of the European Walking Day gives you a lot of visibility and other benefits

Please use the hashtags #beactive and #europeanwalkingday on social media to promote the walks and get visibility automatically.

What to do?
If you have already prepared an activity plan for this term, just add it to the invitation and announcement  for that action that it is being held on the occasion of or dedicated to the European Walking Day!
Send us your activity details, we will promote it on social media, including the hashtag #beactive on #europeanwalkingday. You can promote it with this hashtag as well! ERA will provide you with the logo of EWD. You will be visible on the list of the EWD event on the ERA website. On the D-day you can get in touch with other events all over Europe.

What it is good for?
Your organisation will get more visibility on the national and European level and by walking, you can feel to be part of the biggest European physical activity event.
If you have a National Walking Day, the European Walking Day is not a replacement for it!
It starts to be a new promotion of walking and hiking. Such event will focus Europe on issues in which we and Europe have an interest and commitment. The ERA Board  invites members and other organizations to mark these days in a way that reflects our priorities.