Launch of the European Week of Sport 2022

The eighth edition of the European Week of Sport has just started!

Let’s celebrate physical activity together with friends or just beating our personal best. Now’s the time to lay down patterns of activity that can bring a lifetime of benefits.

This edition is about to engage young people in activities and hobbies with the wish to keep them fit and happy to celebrate the European Year of Youth. The promotion of the healthy lifestyle has also an important role this year. The HealthyLifestyle4All Seminar preceded the festive opening (in Prague, Czech Republic). A new Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity was presented with alarming results: that people do less and less physical activities. Also, the women population is not so active in the sport as men….

The new ERA event the European Walking Day wishes to change it! Let’s enjoy the Saturday 24 September in the outdoor and do some physical hiking activity and be part of the HealthyLifestyle4All! Every move counts! 🙂

We also look forward to your pictures, messages or new walking ideas.