On a Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walk you can:

  • walk along some of the best trails in Europe
  • walk along natural paths in varied and impressive landscape
  • pass interesting cultural sights
  • not get lost on the trail because there is hiker friendly marking and distinct signposting

Find the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walk here:

The Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walk – shortened to Quality Day Walk – are certified trails that live up to strong quality criteria set by ERA.

What is a Quality Day Walk?

The Quality Day Walk are trails of 4 – 25 km length and are based on one of the themes:

Dream touris the classical Quality Day Walk
Cultural experiencehas focus on and special criterias for cultural experience
Nature delighthas focus on and special criterias for natural experience
Family pleasureis for families with children
Discover touris with special requirements for food and products
Comfortable hikeis for people with walking difficulties
Winter blissis designed for safe winter walking
Urban walkis adapted to culture and trails in towns

Pending the theme of the Quality Day Walk, the trail must live up to certain criteria such as:

  • Walk on natural soil and avoid composite pavement
  • Avoid busy roads
  • Walk through varying landscapes with a high experience factor
  • Pass natural or cultural attractions
  • Avoid intensively transformed environment
  • Clear guidance for walkers is a must
  • There is network management with signposts
  • There is an easily recognizable starting point

Find the Quality Day Walks here:

LuxembourgDreamtourGuttland.Trails Siwe Brécke-Wee
LuxembourgNature delightGuttland.Trails Fuussepad