Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Region – abbreviated Leading Quality Region – guarantees a perfect hiking experience.

Whether it’s a day trip with friends or family, a complete hiking vacation without changing accommodation, or a multi-day tour with a lot of luggage.

The quality criteria of Leading Quality Regions meet the highest standards in terms of trails, hosts, service and tourist information.

Anyone who has ever been to a quality region will consider the Leading Quality Region certification a “must” when choosing a region for vacation.

43 Criteria for the Leading Quality Region – Best of Europe:

  • 13 criteria walking trail network/signposting
  • 6 criteria host
  • 10 criteria service for walkers
  • 7 criteria Tourist Office
  • 7 criteria organization

Prior to being labelled as a Leading Quality Region, a few conditions must be met.

A Leading Quality Region is a region that:

  • is totally dedicated to walking in terms of walking trail infrastructure, accommodation and services
  • provides a variety of walking trips of at least 5 days
  • is perceived by the guest as a closed region
  • markets itself as a closed region
  • appears as an organized structure
  • has the support of its population for the issue of walking

A Leading Quality Region can of course be part of a greater touristic region, as long as it is well delimited and relatively autonomous. Before any kind of labelling, the status needs to be clarified with the mother region.

The Eislek region is the first region certified as Leading Quality Trails, Best of Europe, Region: