The Gendarme Path is ready for spring walks

81 kilometers of the 84-kilometer Gendarme Path are ready for spring hikes.

The popular hiking route the Gendarme Path was heavily damaged during the 2023 storm. Sønderborg and Aabenraa municipalities as well as the Nature Agency Sønderjylland have worked at high pressure since the storm to clean up, restore damage, build new bridges, and block off sections, where there have been large landslides.

Around 81 kilometers of the 84-kilometer hiking route between Padborg and Skovby is ready for hikes.

Two sections remain closed:

Between Sønderborg and Vemmingbund a two-kilometer path at Viemosen/Dybbøl is closed due to landslides. There is a sign with an alternative route via Flensborg Landevej.

From the end of Sønderskoven/Klinting to Lambjerglund by Høruphav, 500 meters is closed due to landslides. Signs show the way to an alternative route along Søndre Landevej.

The open sections:

The other parts of the Gendarme Path are open, but hikers should be aware, that you can still encounter damage on the route. It is not dangerous to walk on the path. You can, for example, encounter closures due to landslides and large quantities of seaweed and other wash-up from the storm. Bring a map, if you have to take an alternative route. Maps are available at Visit Sønderborg, Perlegade 50, Sønderborg. New signs will show, where there is an increased risk of landslides.

The public toilets on the route were also destroyed during the storm. The toilets have been continuously repaired, but there may be some public toilets that are not ready.