Walking through Europe’s tapestry: Unveiling the charms with the European Ramblers Association

Explore the beauty of Europe on foot with the European Ramblers Association (ERA). Founded in 1969, ERA is a dynamic alliance of approximately 60 walking organizations from 30 European countries, making it a powerful advocate for the joy of walking and outdoor recreation.

Embracing a mission that goes beyond borders, ERA fosters cross-border cooperation, networking, and the exchange of best practices among its members. With a commitment to responsible recreation, ERA promotes walking and mountain-climbing activities while instilling a deep sense of respect for the environment.

ERA’s impact extends to the creation and preservation of European long-distance paths, ensuring these routes remain accessible for both locals and tourists. By actively protecting these paths, ERA contributes to the conservation of Europe’s rich cultural heritage.


Join ERA in its journey to connect with nature, culture, and fellow enthusiasts. Experience the joy of walking as ERA continues to champion the rights and traditions associated with crossing borders, preserving the essence of Europe’s diverse landscapes and heritage. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a memorable adventure with ERA, where every step tells a story of exploration and preservation.