In the north of Sweden the 1.000 kilometer mountain range along the border to Norway offers marked trails for inexperienced as well as for experienced walkers. Vast areas without marked trails are also open for walking in the mountains. In the far north Kungsleden (the Royal Route) and the national park Sarek (without marked trails and huts) are well known. More to the south the Jämtland-Härjedalen region also offers good walking possibilities in the mountains.

The national trails network includes bridges, windshelters and rowing boats. The trails are interspersed with mountain stations and huts at 10-25 km intervals. Good physical conditions and good equipment are essential for longer trips. The Svenska Turistforeningen (STF) arranges tours.

It is possible to walk in the mountains from mid June until mid September. But in June there can still be a lot of snow and very wet country. The busiest period is July to mid August.

On the map Fjällkarta at a scale of 1:100 000, in some parts 1:50 000, trails and huts are indicated. There is also text in English and German on the maps. Guidebooks in English and German exist, produced by foreign publishers. There is information about trails, accommodation and touring suggestions in English and German on the STF web site.

In the southern and central parts of Sweden trails offer walking in forests, in open country, along numerous lakes and through old cultural landscape. You can walk on many of them from early spring to late autumn or even the year round in southern Sweden. Many routes have open shelters every 10-20 km but often you use youth hostels, inns etc. for overnight accommodation. The local organisations or authorities responsible for the trails publish brochures and some even guidebooks. For some routes there is material in English or sometimes in German.

The trail Kullaleden was awarded with the label “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”.

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