If you want to

plan your walk from home into details, have your luggage transported along the trail, walk along natural paths, see impressive landscapes, not get lost on the trail because there is hiker friendly marking and distinct signposting, pass through picturesque towns, pass cultural sights, be able to rest underway at resting places, to have continous accessabilty to the trail …

… the Leading Quality Trails are just for you !

Leading Quality Trails are the best walking routes in Europe as they are certified after high standards set by ERA.

The standards and certification ensure good experiences within beautiful nature, wellmarked trails, easy access, good logistics, well maintained websites and lugage transportation.

Menalon Trail
Menalon Trail

All Leading Quality Trails are certified after the same strict standards by experienced walkers from ERA.

With the certification you are ensured to walk along trails of world class standards. 

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