E11 in the Baltic states

Forest Trail


The 1060 km long Forest Trail hiking route is a chance to escape the rat race and discover a place of peace and quiet. Here you can spend some time alone, breathe in the fresh forest air, lie down on the sun kissed moss carpet, allowing your mind to be still. Take a basket with you if you are into foraging wild food or grab a notebook to keep records of all the different species of birds you have identified. Be prepared to meet like-minded people, all carrying backpacks and maps, on their way to conquer the trails and slopes of Forest Trail. Watchtowers offer panoramic views of endless green, stretching as far as the horizon and concealing Forest Trail from the eyes of the visitor. But the path is always there to safely lead you through the forest, along country roads through small villages and several cities. In Latvia the Forest Trail is identified as Mežtaka, but in Estonia – as Metsa matkarada. The Forest Trail takes no days off and is always happy to welcome hikers.

Starting Point

Latvia, Riga – capital city of Latvia

End Point

Estonia, Tallinn – capital city of Estonia


Latvia: Riga – Sigulda – Cēsis – Valmiera – Strenči – Gaujiena – Ape

Estonia: Vana-Vastseliina – Värska – Kallaste – Mustvee – Toila – Kunda – Võsu – Loksa – Tallinn


~ 1060 km

Ground path of the E-path

Some parts of the Forest Trail coincide with local trails of National parks and with State Forest managed trails.

Responsible organisation(s)

Latvia: Latvian Country Tourism association “Baltic Country Holidays”. Mail: asnate@celotajs.lv Web: www.countryholidays.lv

Estonia: Estonian Rural Tourism association. Mail:  eesti@maaturism.ee Web: www.maaturisms.ee


Website: https://baltictrails.eu/forest

 Image brochure with overview map – Forest Trail, long distance hiking trail in Latvia/Estonia


Maps: https://baltictrails.eu/en/forest/map?2

Marking system

There are specific (white-orange-white) markers on trees and other objects along the route to help you get your bearings in nature and not lose track of the trail. In populated areas, the Forest Trail is marked by stickers on road signs and other objects.

Crossing other E-paths

Riga: E9, Baltic Coastal hiking route

Tallinn: E9, Baltic Coastal hiking route



Guesthouses and pensions (or resting places for tents) can be found at least every 20 – 30 km.


The availability of catering services varies between the sections. Some sections feature no catering providers at all. Please note that some companies operate only during the summer or at certain times, so it is advisable to call before visiting. Shops can be found in the more populated areas.


Public transport (mostly buses, trains in some parts) is available in the immediate vicinity of the Forest Trail. You can use the urban public transport in Riga and Tallinn.


You don’t need special gear. Waterproof boots and a waterproof jacket in wet weather will be useful.


Latvia, Estonia: https://baltictrails.eu/forest