ERA E-path webinar

On the 2 July 1972, the first E-path crossing E1 & E5 was born. It happened in Konstanz (Germany) at Lake Constance. We would like to present you shortly a development and a current situation of E-paths and let you taste a little bit of these E-paths if you plan to walk on them. Or maybe, the  virtual excursion will impress you to walk on E-path one day too. Welcome!


  1. Welcome and introduction to E-paths
  2. Short summary of 50th E-path history
  3. Current work of ERA, E-path working group, information about the E-path friends and E-path certificates
  4. Presentations of E1, E4 and E5 by the E-paths friends
  5. Discussions

Practical information:

See the link and other information here .