Eurorando 2021-22, Walking H11

Discover below another amazing hiking trail from Eurorando  Fascinated by time travel? We may not yet have the technology to make it possible, but there this relaxing hike will provide you with almost the same experience.⁠ The ASTRA Open Air Museum was established in 1963 and is the largest open-air ethnography exhibit in Europe.⁠ After an idyllic walk around the Museum, we are headed for a Saxon experience. Savory brunch and authentic Hencklesch served directly from a Saxon household, are just one of the many exciting things waiting for you on this trip.

Take part in this special edition of Eurorando. which will be marked by two main events: Eurorando in 2021 (26th of September-03rd of October 2021) and in 2022 (11th of September-18th of September 2022).
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