Be active on the E-paths

European Week of Sport takes place every year from 23. to 30. September. ERA encourage you to walk on the E-paths within the period from 23 to 30 September under the Motto: #beactive on the #epaths.

Update on the Eurorando 2021 event

Dear Eurorando Friends, This is an update regarding the Eurorando 2021 event.As scheduled, Eurorando 2021 will take place between the 26th of September and the 3rd of October 2021, in Sibiu Romania, followed by the 2022 event, which will occur between the 11th and the 18th of September 2022.As we estimate that, because of the … Read more

Eurorando 2021-22, Walking C5

Discover below one last culture trail: This 3-hour relaxing walk across The Historic City Center of Sibiu will reveal all the reasons why Sibiu is arguably one of those cities you inevitably and irreversibly fall in love with. Take part in this special edition of Eurorando. which will be marked by two main events:Eurorando in 2021 (26th … Read more

Eurorando 2021-22, Walking C4

Discover below a cultural trail from Eurorando.  This relaxing day trip is centered around events that shaped Romanian history. Join us on a detailed sightseeing tour of nn intact Vauban-Style heptagram-shaped citadel and a UNESCO protected medieval fortress. Have you booked your place at Eurorando? This special edition will have two events for the first … Read more

Eurorando 2021-22, Walking H14

Discover below another hiking trail from Eurorando. This day is dedicated to the highlights of our beautiful city Sibiu. Explore the Historic City Center, then stroll along a sunny route straight to the biggest and most fascinating open air-museum in Eastern Europe – The ASTRA Open-Air Museum: Take part in this special edition of Eurorando. … Read more