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      Paul Curtis

      According to all the online information, including this site and Wikipedia, the length of this trail is about 3,100 miles excluding the UK variations (forgive me, I’m from the UK so find miles easiest to work with). However, unless I’m going mad, this seems to be a gross underestimation. For a start, the direct driving route from Cabo de Sao Vicente to Narva-Joesuu is itself 2,899 miles as shown on google maps (there is no way the walking route along the coastline would be just 200 miles more).

      And to break it down, again using google maps:

      The walking route from Cabo de Sao Vicente via Porto, A Coruna, Donostia-San Sebastian, to Tour-du-Parc (start of the GR34) is 1,317 miles.

      The GR34 to St Malo according to Traildino is 1,056 miles (which I assume is correct, given the number of peninsulas / non-linear walking)

      The cycling route from St Malo via Cherbourg, Ouistreham, Dieppe, Calais, Amsterdam, Hamburg, to Szczecin is 1,109 miles (this doesn’t literally follow the E9 of course but it will be shorter than the E9, not longer)

      The driving route to Narva-Joesuu via Klaipeda and Riga is at least 900 miles.

      Total: 4,382 miles. Although as mentioned, the true distance is likely to be considerably more! Could someone please correct the figure in the literature or else tell me I’m wrong?

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