Updated: 21-4-2023


To ensure that the Quality area, which consists of the LQT products and the “ERA Recommends”, is coordinated, have sufficient resources, and have priority.


Ensure that the LQT-BE and LQT-BE, Region programs are run properly by and between ERA and DWS.

Ensure that the LQT-BE, Day Walk program is run properly by the ERA Day Walk Working Group.  

Ensure that “ERA Recommends” is implemented.


The Q WG coordinate – on behalf of the ERA Board – the work of the ERA Quality area and products.

The Q WG communicate on behalf of ERA and is responsible of this part of the website, this part  and the related pages.


  • Board: Boris Micic
  • LQT-BE(, Long Distance): Armand Ducornet
  • LQT-BE, Region: Armand Ducornet
  • LQT-BE, Day Walk: Steen Kobberø-Hansen
  • ERA Recommends Trails: Steen Kobberø-Hansen
  • ERA Recommends Accommodation: To be decided
  • ERA Recommends Service Providers: To be decided
  • ERA Recommends Events: Sophie Chipon
  • ERA Promotion and Communications WG: Ruben, Jana

The members are also contact persons to the relevant Working Groups if established.