Paths to preservation: How your donations make a difference

Europe’s E-paths stretch over 75,000 kilometers, threading through diverse landscapes and connecting different cultures across the continent.
Managed under the guidance of the European Ramblers Association (ERA), these paths symbolize more than just routes for hiking; they represent a unique form of cultural and environmental connectivity.
While the maintenance of these paths is diligently carried out by various national hiking associations, ERA plays a pivotal role in coordinating this effort.

Donations to ERA are crucial, as they support the administrative and coordination tasks performed by the E-paths Working Group, enabling this significant work to continue seamlessly.

The vital role of E-paths

Europe’s E-paths are integral to the continent’s outdoor recreational framework, offering everyone the chance to explore vast natural landscapes and cultural heritage sites. Managed by the ERA’s e-Paths Working Group, these trails are meticulously organized to ensure they serve their role as both recreational and cultural bridges across nations. By supporting ERA, you are directly contributing to the continuation and enhancement of these international corridors.

The impact of donations

Coordination and support: Your donations are vital for the operational needs of the e-Paths Working Group. This team coordinates the efforts of various national associations, ensuring that there is consistency and collaboration across borders. Funding is used to facilitate meetings, develop strategy, and disseminate information among member organizations.

Sustaining the network: Donations help cover the costs of tools and resources needed by the Working Group to effectively manage the network of trails. This includes everything from communication tools to logistical support that helps streamline the maintenance efforts carried out by member organizations.

Promoting and expanding reach: Contributions also support initiatives to raise awareness of the e-Paths, attract more hikers, and integrate newer routes into the network. This ensures that the paths not only remain popular but also grow to include more of Europe’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural sites.

Stories of Impact

Coordinator’s Insight: “Coordinating the efforts of multiple national bodies requires precise communication and a unified strategy. Donations to ERA enable us to conduct this symphony of cooperative work, which keeps the E-paths well-managed and internationally cohesive,” explains Steen Kobberø-Hansen, chairman of the E-paths Working Group.

Walking with respect

The ethos of the ERA and its member organizations centers on walking with respect — respect for the natural environment and the cultural diversity of Europe. Your donations empower the ERA to uphold these values by ensuring that the E-paths Working Group can continue its crucial role in overseeing and coordinating these international trails. This coordination helps maintain a balance between enjoying our shared landscapes and preserving them.

Join us in this vital effort to keep Europe’s trails accessible and vibrant. Your support enables us to maintain the integrity and functionality of these paths, making sure they remain a testament to Europe’s unity and shared heritage. Donate today and help us continue the important work of bringing people and cultures together, one step at a time.

By donating to the ERA, you contribute not just to the maintenance of physical trails but to the fostering of a collaborative network that spans across Europe. Your support helps preserve these paths as channels of cultural exchange and mutual respect, ensuring they remain open and welcoming for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Hiker in Vallon du Lauzanier